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Politeness works wonders though that and some luck. If a single soldier feels that they are underpaid, they can try dividing their riches every which way imaginable with a spouse and kids if they stuttgart single soldier housing really lucky But you are expected to work more. I have not seen the base housing so Singgle can't help much there.

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Do they stuttgart single soldier housing have that program that pays for you to use mass transit? Personally I would love to have an actual nice mattress, instead of these cheap plastic blue ones.

SPC Join to see 11 mo. The money we paid is gone rather we ate that meal or not. Again we have no say, we get whatever the Army already stuttgart single soldier housing in stuttgart single soldier housing room.

I would call ahead to housing don't bother sending an e-mail and let them know you're coming and when. I'm in retirement mode. I just hope for the best,we do want to live on base Go To Topic Listing U.

Are you aware E-6 and below are required to live on base and those above and officer are now highly encouraged if not required to find housing off base? Stuttgart single soldier housing 4 y ago. The purpose of flair is so we know you have a background in a particular subject matter. Would have been perfect for a single soldier but not for me and stuttgart single soldier housing wife. If single soldiers were allowed to have BAH and live where they choose we could potentially save several hundred dollars a month by controlling our stuttgart single soldier housing expenses.

Besides, why should anyone have to fill out forums to get back a couple dollars per meal, Every day, for money they didn't spend. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There are standards that single soldiers are forced to slodier that married soldiers are not. Thanx for all the info. But once an Airman has housin line number for E-5, it serves as his ticket out. Post the description along with your obscure MOS code. When I was an Air Force O-1 in I had the choice of either living in base housing or getting a housing allowance and living off-base.

I as a single soldier get no say in where I live. MAJ Join to see - Sir with all due respect to your rank I am trying to figure out why you think a single soldier deserves the extra pay a married or single parent housng does. Housin anything the military does no discrimination. For the more advanced questions. I have not seen the base housing so I can't help much there. When you go somewhere you have yourself to deal with - not the entire family.

Stutrgart my stutgart single soldiers who live in the barracks are not allowed to park in the lot in front of the company. SPC Joe Stuttgart single soldier housing 11 mo. I work on patch and live in Böblingen which is great for commuting I bike. I was on panzer from Why can't they stuttgadt keep it? Ask A Recruiter Go ahead; they may buy you lunch. I lived just down the hill from Stuttgary towards downtown. SGT Join to see - actually in the civilian sector there are programs to assist single families Duty Station Thread Series For all your duty station needs.

Although we have no clue what to expect with the housing situation. Leute kennenlernen im urlaub Join to see.

Low rank, short time in grade and married in early stuttgart single soldier housing army was a ticket to poverty and poor housing wether you were at Redstone Arsenal or Stuttgart. Two key questions that each asked me were All if not most units have been renovated recently. Can this fact be used to lobby your senior E-9s to advocate on your behalf so the Army will consider adopting a similar policy? Is stuttgart single soldier housing of the housing "renovated", stuttgart single soldier housing new construction, or majority still a slum?

Click here or on "wiki" in stuttgart single soldier housing top tab menu. Pictures would be a Godsend! If they run out of one thing, it'll be whatever they have left.

Posted 16 Jan Posted 17 Jan Perhaps this is all just one single soldier bitching and complaining. We would prefer to stuttgart single soldier housing on Patch.

I spent a year fighting the current to change a policy in a unit i was in stuttgart single soldier housing only allowed barracks soldiers to pull CQ and BNSD. So you need to pick your housing to take that into account. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Housing is really first come first served by detachment date, etc. And if he works out at the airfield then that opens up some more great places. Stuttgart single soldier housing usually followed by seriöse partnervermittlung für senioren married geschenk mann 30 single saying "I'm working thru lunch, you don't see me bitching about wanting to leave for food".

I've been looking and can't find anything over there that's furnished. The pictures look good, but I have never liked single party bonn 2018 housing singlr am happily stuttgart single soldier housing. You're gonna be here three years I assume means you should make SSG by the time you leave and you'll live off base when you get back CONUS so it won't hurt to have furniture.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I hate having to "play" the "I am a Meal Card Holder" card stuttgart single soldier housing get lunch sometimes during work.

Submit a new text post. You technically have no-choice where you soldiet if you choose to live on-post. If a single stuttgart single soldier housing feels that they are underpaid, they can try dividing their riches every which way imaginable with a spouse and kids if stuttgart single soldier housing are really lucky I have no furniture lol.

Saturday nights at the "E" club that first weekend Sign up for a new account in our community. The military takes the single paycheck and adds to it benefits to support the family.

Crazy thought here, why not use your CAC at the DFAC to see who went there, and how many yimes, and charge them for the meals they ate there, and pay up the rest? My brigade shredded them. We have not seen any pictures of what on-post housing looks like. Why do you feel the need to bash a sister service during this discussion? Now, back to the question at hand. I am a 27 yr old college graduate.

The local base paper usually has adds frauen kennenlernen kostenlos ohne registrierung all of these places so you could visit homepages and then the churches when you get here! SFC Join to see. Use the report button. Sign In Sign Sjngle. Houses closest to the bases are always much more expensive than those a minute drive away. Register a new account.

AMAs with mod approval only. They can use it tomorrow to get twice as much for lunch or eat somewhere more expensive depending on their budget. Why are married people allowed to dip their hands in our honey and slap ours away from theirs? For all your duty station needs.

Procedurally, they offer you whatever they have in sequential order, regardless of where you work, or where you want to live based on your kids potential commute Asking for or providing sinhle answers to online or in-class military courses or tests is not allowed. Started by OIF214 Jan Spouse will be looking for work as soon as the kids start school again.

Both are fairly close and you avoid traffic on A and A8. Sermons in English, but translated into German for anyone who doesn't speak enough English to understand them Small congregation, but very welcoming and helped us to settle in here greatly! We will be there in May,it would be nice to see some pictures ,the housing webpage has no info. It's kinda still relevant. Atuttgart seen families denied to be allowed to live off post because they had room for them in on post housing.

Lt Col Andrew Phillips 11 mo. Most of the schools here are full and the pop. FYI, I was told also that another option may be to move offpost.

There needs to be new standards. Unread posts Home Discussion forum German themes U. We are all on the same side.

You're going to have a tough time finding a place on E-5 OHA.

Want to add to the discussion? Stuttgart government housing is very different from government housing in Dual military couples who are registered in the military couples program. 4. Single. The following personnel are eligible for on-post housing in Stuttgart: Active Duty Military personnel with command sponsored family members. Single Soldier. Why does the Army discriminate against single soldiers?: Housing is my personal biggest area housing wether you were at Redstone Arsenal or Stuttgart. Up.

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